DONG Mingkai (董 明凯)

Mingkai Dong
Research Interest
Non-Volatile Memory, File Systems, Concurrent Data Structures, DNA Storage
Research Experience
I joined IPADS as an undergraduate research assistant in my junior year, working on improving the resource utilization of distributed in-memory KV stores. During my Ph.D. study at IPADS, I mainly focused on the file system (architecture) design and implementation on emerging non-volatile memory. Currently, I have joined IPADS as an assistant professor and keep working on file system designs on emerging storage technologies. Moreover, I am looking to develop and realize next-generation storage technologies, namely DNA storage.
In IPADS, I lead the IPADS Non-volatile Systems Group, aiming to improve storage systems with emerging and future storage technologies. Our group now consists of two Ph.D. students, three master's students and one undergraduate.
Wanna join us?
IPADS and I keep looking for self-motivated students who want to pursue a Ph.D. or master's degree. If you are interested in systems and storage research, feel free to contact me via email. :)
This fall:
  • CS1501 Programming - Ideas and Methods (for undergraduates)
  • SE127 Practice of Software Foundation (for undergraduates)
  • SE232 Advanced Data Structure (for undergraduates, chief TA)
  • SE127 Practice of Software Foundation (for undergraduates, chief TA)
On the Precision of Precise Event Based Sampling.
Jifei Yi, Benchao Dong, Mingkai Dong, Haibo Chen.
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Efficient and Available In-memory KV-Store with Hybrid Erasure Coding and Replication.
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